Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nibfest, uni essay and a new blog

Morning folks, we're enjoying a long weekend break here in the U.K. so I have the luxury of a three day weekend! Yesterday was spent in the garden, musing amongst the flower beds and lawns. Today, I'm watching the clock for midday the beginning of 'Nibfest' a competition where I'll be given an opening line from which I need to follow with 5,000 words by next Sunday, 11th May. I'll let you know later what we're given - let's hope it ignites a head full of ideas.

My novella project is taking shape - though I have to keep reminding myself that I haven't the word space for complicated add-ons. I'm dabbling in something new and it feels refreshing. I've even decided where I'll be submitting it once complete - which was a consideration discussed at a recent workshop.

Today, I must complete a uni essay comparing Chopin's 'The Awakening' with Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' and Austin's 'Northanger Abbey' - my final one for this course, so fingers crossed this draft polishes well.

And finally, I've found a lovely blog by a woman on a road to self discovery and improvement - it really is a beautiful read, take a look, support if you can.

Wishing you all a fab day - catch you later x

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