Saturday, 31 May 2014

Priorities, Camp NaNo and exam countdown

This week's holiday has been strange for me. I usually have a set goal regards my writing but this week my writing priorities faded due to exam revision. As I mentioned last week, I hadn't written for eight days due to exam prep, and boy, did I miss it! Wednesday, I indulged by locking myself away in my writing room for the entire day - then attended my writing group on the evening. It was bliss, I felt I'd returned home after a holiday. So, I've vowed that I'll write each day up to my exam - I can't stop doing what I love, instead I'll limit the time slots.

Today, I'm polishing and printing the competition entry written on Wednesday. It amazes me how a few days distance from a piece helps with editing. I never used to do this, I used to write it, keep polishing it over and over then would print and immediately post. Lord knows how many errors I missed. Thankfully, I've learnt my lesson and now let time pass before rereading and correction.

During a break from exam revision, I signed up for Camp Nano starting 1st July. I've completed the November NaNo a couple of times but I wanted something to focus upon leading into the school Summer holidays, which are literally seven weeks away! Check it out at

Exam countdown has begun so I'll love and leave ya - enjoy!

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