Saturday, 11 October 2014

Being married to one of us

Ever wondered what it's like being married to one of us writers? I do, frequently. When I'm seated alone in my writing room, fingers tapping away and my mind chugging on towards a set word count. I frequently wonder what hubby's thoughts or feeling are regards my choices. So, today my blog is his...

Q. What's the best thing about being married to an aspiring writer?
Hubby: Don't call yourself that... you are a writer, you write. (Continue...) The best things are being part of all the things you do for your book... from the ideas to the away trips and days out. I think its funny how I'll be busy doing something and you dash in asking me to suggest a list of male names befitting a certain age and lifestyle. I'm not imaginative in any way but it's funny knowing that some of the names were spot on. We wouldn't be heading to Ireland in a few weeks if it wasn't for this current project, would we? I know you'll want lots of photos, lots of local information - that's nice being part of that research. Being proud of what you do... I know you don't mention it to many people but I tell people you write, some people at work, my friends know. I think it's funny seeing you get excited about word counts... funny but weird, and the stationery obsession - that's very weird.

Q. What's the worst part of being married to a writer?
Hubby: It can be restrictive regards weekends. I know you want to write as much as you can but it stops us going away, I suppose we do well working around it - we do what we can, don't we? You've got two jobs, I see as that. (What else?) I felt p***** off when that group couldn't be bothered - things like that aren't nice. I see what you do each week; then others just can't be bothered or are unkind about your efforts - that gets to me. I'm glad you said and didn't just put up with it. (What else? Do you mind the hours I'm writing upstairs) Not  really, I know it's what you want to do... and it gives me chance to do things I want to do... so I can't complain. I'd prefer you doing your writing than the stuff other wives seem to do. I think its unfair that the 'day job' stops you from attending writing events. I know you can't choose your holidays but given all the extra hours you do if they'd just let you leave an hour early you might make the midweek party in London or arrive at an event when everyone else does but you don't; you always arrive hours into the event - I wish that was different for you.

Q. What's your wish for my writing future?
Hubby: That's simple... that you get everything that you wish for. Honestly, I don't mind where the writing takes you as long as you're happy doing it. I'd hate to see you in a situation having worked so hard, and for so long, and you don't enjoy what you're doing. 'Cause in that case you might as well stay with the 'day job' situation, but I know you want this more than you want that. I'll be happy with that.
                                                                        * * * * *

After eleven years together I knew most of his answers but I'm glad I asked. I've often felt a little guilty regards the time I spend writing, when the reality is he wants me to succeed and recognises my effort. I can't really ask more than that... though maybe I'll ask him for yet another female name, one that fits a middle aged cafĂ© owner and see what he offers.

His answer: Suzy :-)

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