Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Greatest Gift...

It may sound corny but my parents rationale of encouraging me to read from the age of four has been one of the greatest gifts given to me. In August, I blogged regards re-discovering my reading pleasure after a long stint of academic study had killed a life long enjoyment. I'm delighted to say I'm currently devouring books like never before - which has led to further self reflection.

Back in August, I named five books that I would read before the end of this year:

Hazel Gaynor - The Girl Who Came Home - have read and would highly recommend
Rowan Coleman - The Memory Book - have read and would highly recommend
Pamela Hartshorne - The Memory of Midnight - waiting patiently on my desk
Jill Mansell - Mixed Doubles - waiting patiently on my desk
Miranda Dickenson - Fairytale of New York - waiting patiently on my desk

I have been side tracked by other reads that grabbed my attention so jumped my reading queue:

Siobhan Dowd - Bog Child
John Boyne - The boy in the striped pyjamas
John Green - The Fault in Our Stars
Jo Thomas - The Chestnut Tree
Christine Stovell - Only True in Fairy Tales

My reading pledge has been phenomenal in lots of ways:

  • I've regained my love of reading
  • I've rediscovered the contentment of a quiet half an hour with a book
  • Recognised the daily need for a reading-come-meditation slot in a busy world
  • Have visited genres outside of my writing genre
  • Enjoyed reconnecting with other readers via Goodreads website
  • Completed my Goodreads Challenge 2014 - see widget in left hand panel
  • Plus have discovered a gem of a book The Book Lovers Companion

As pledged, I will read the three unread book decorating my desk before New Year but I'm currently stalling knowing that my dear friend Helen Phifer's new novel The Forgotten Cottage is released this coming Friday, 31st October.


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