Sunday, 30 November 2014

30 November - the final day of NaNo 2014 - let's just see...

A year ago today I had to write 8,800 words in one day just to reach 50,448 words to complete NaNo 2013 - thankfully NaNo 2014 has been an entirely different experience. Last Saturday on day 22, I reached the 50,004 target :-) As you can see from my NaNo widget I have a added a little extra but today 30th November, the very last day, I need to go for it... purely for my own satisfaction I need to see if I can hit the next magic number. I have no idea where the plot will come from but I know I must write.

So, my starting word count is 53,414 words, let's crack on and see what happens by the end of today...

UPDATE: in four hours I have written 6691 words which took my total to a fabulous 60,019 words... woohoo!

I validated with the website, who generously to gave me a beautiful words count of 60,105 - done and dusted for this year folks... whose up for Nano 2015?

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