Saturday, 16 April 2011

April Fool list, Mad Hatters and a family tree

Hello, on a beautiful. Spring day in the UK. I was up with the lark preparing for a visit from the step-kiddies. I have to change my routine a little when they are here as needs must. Anyhow, I was at my desk for eight and did a decent stint till half ten editing the next chapter of 'Her'. I wish I could bottle the feeling of triumph when I plan to write and actually do sit down to the job - I finish on a high. I have begun two smaller projects to run alongside my novel writing, the first I have briefly mentioned being my 'April Fool' list, 40 things to do in my 40th year - so far I've completed a couple - go to Ireland, well I woke up there on my 40th so that is ticked off. I have booked a hot air balloon ride, tickets to see Macbeth at RSC Stratford-upon-Avon, and sent the application for Olympic tickets. I've also drunk a pint of Gunniess, risen in a horse drawn carriage, bought a piece of art. Some things I need to achieve are roll sideways down a huge hill, see a giant panda, finish my novel, ride on the back of a motor bike and learn to whistle using my fingers! I shall keep you up-dated as I go - my small book will contain a page or two describing each event.

My second little project relates to my family tree - I've been unearthing my roots for many years now and wish to use this as a background for a family book. In short, I have decided to write letters to my ancestors. In each I'll chat about my relationship to them and little snippets that I have learnt or heard on my journey. I have written the first letter to my great grandmother Florrie Barber, who very naughtily led people to believe her name was Florence when it was actually Flora. I plan to write one letter a week, each with a little photograph and see how far I get. The nice thing about each letter is that it is quick and easy to write so can form warm up to my main writing sessions.

Last Wednesday I attended the fortnightly meeting of Mad Hatters Writing group - it was nice to have all members attend as we've all been busy elsewhere, so a catch up was long over due. I read my Pooley Hall poem to those who hadn't heard it and was able to explain the various inspirations. I was pleased with the feedback and am now eagerly awaiting any news from the organizer. I understand that 16 poets created 56 poems - amazing. I am sending a copy of my poem to the owners of Pooley Hall as a 'Thank you' for allowing me to visit.

Can I say a huge welcome to visitors around the world, my little blog is being read in Russia, Iran, India, Alaska and of course, England.

Have a good writing week - I'm currently on holiday so am planning lots of writing sessions.

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