Saturday, 30 April 2011

Short stories, Mad Hatters, a saree and a Royal wedding

Good morning, in Britain we're awaking to the morning after the big wedding the day before. Sorry, but I've got to admit I loved every minute of it. I'm a sucker for history and what better than a Royal wedding, I know many people were complaining about so much coverage yesterday but oh, it was so beautiful. O.K., that's now out of my system I'll get back to the main topic, my writing week. I've had a good one, one that I'm proud of and hope to repeat next week.

I returned to work after the Easter holiday, and was able to continue the daily routine that I had followed during the two weeks break. I managed to edit another chapter of 'Her', as well as edit and polish two short stories aimed at women's magazines. Both titles were aimed at the same magazine so I have printed and prepared for posting a week apart. I'll send one this week, the other next week. I really don't want them landing on the editor's desk at the same time. I've been told that editors tend to choose the best one when presented with multiple submissions, whereas when presented separately, each piece is judged on it's own merit. The other thing to bear in mind when approaching magazines is the setting season - editors work several months ahead of the current season much like the fashion industry. You have to make sure that the editor has time to read, discuss further before your stories sell by date for this year. Both of mine have are set around Autumn time - allowing plenty of time to hit their print run should I be lucky enough to be selected.
Though it can take some magazines three months too say 'yay or neigh' to your work.

I took one of the short stories 'Vibes and Jibes' to the writers' group for a critique - thankfully they picked up on a couple of typos and a suggestion regards a character's name. I'd called her Jenny but had shortened it to Jen on several occasions. You might avoid such advice from other poets and writers, but honestily it is worth listening too. However perfect you think your work is, they are a sample of your potential audience, so any detail that they don't like, should be changed to enhances your finished work. It takes time, believe me, I felt so uncomfortable reading my work aloud and then listening to advice - good or bad. I used to get embarrassed by compliments about my work and any criticism aided my progress. Thankfully at our writing group no one is forced to read their work, you can simply attend and listen - which is lovely way to build your confidence.

Whilst at the group meeting Malcolm Dewhirst announced that the final sixteen poems for The Polesworth Poetry Trail have been selected. Malcolm and Adrian Wallbank from Warwick University, who is also a ranger for the Pooley Heritage centre had the job of choosing which poems, fitting which themes, fitted which site locations - tough call, given that 56 poems were created. Anyhow, the final 16 poems have been shown to the local council committee who agreed with the choice and just the final stage, which is the nod from the site sculpter - then the big announcement!!!!! Yikes, it is nerve wracking waiting for the outcome -
I'll let you know as soon as anything is announced.

Finally, I have completed number 39 of my 'April Fool List' - I have purchased a saree. My grandmother is Indian, so I've always tried to embrace her culture as a part of my origins - even though she seems to ignore everything. Anyway, I've always wanted to buy a saree - the rich colours, gold threads and detailing appeal to me and this morning I bought one. It won't be here for a few weeks but when it is I shall be attempting to fold it correctly and may even take it with me as a change of clothes when I complete number 19 - to be photographed professional as I was at 21 and 30 years of age.  

Today, I plan to dedicate the day to my novel 'Her' - I had the joy of printing draft four as a hard copy and it was exciting seeing the 230 pages of A4 paper - with polishing that will be my novel.

Wishing you a great writing week - enjoy!

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