Saturday, 23 April 2011

Writing, bunnies, bees and fingers crossed, a hot air balloon

Good morning folks, I'm hoping you've all had a good writing week, because I certainly have. Whilst on Easter holiday I've made the most of my time. I've got back into editing my novel every day - I have surprised myself by some of the lines I've written but had forgotten that I'd written. - if that makes sense! I've literally stated at home, edited, reading and writing - I hear what you're saying, that it isn't healthy to spend such a huge amount of time on your own but honestly it has been a wonderful break. Regards my editing I've managed to move forward by a huge chunk which in turn motivates me to continue on this daily routine squeezed around the day job.

Monday evening saw the arrival of eight tiny bunnies, born to one of my Dutch rabbits. I bred her 30 days before hand and wow, they were beautiful. Between writing and reading, I haven't been able to help myself sneaking a peek at the nest four or five times a day. Each bunny will be sold at eight weeks, so I'll let you know how they progress.

Busy bees - which I have certainly been is week but the delightful news is that my husband has purchased a couple of hives in the local area. He already has an allotment with chickens but now his bees will be joining him. I, in turn will be taking full advantage of their honey, plus their arrival inspired a short story, which is always a bonus.

Today at dusk, I should be going on a hotair balloon ride, number 28 on my April Fool list. I booked it last week and fingers crossed if the beautiful weather holds out I shall be up in the skies over Staffordshire. My mind has already begun composing a short story relating to hot air ballooning, so who knows I may get a second story this week inspired by my own life - which is what being a writer is all about.

I shall leave you now, so that I can return to my editing, and fingers crossed I'll be up, up and away in a beautiful balloon by dusk.

Quick up-date: the hot air ballooning didn't happen due to an increase in wind speed :-( but hey, look on the bright side I now get more time to look forward to it!

I've spent the day polishing a short story called 'Hush little baby, don't say a word...' which I shall post this week for consideration in a women's magazine. It'll be one more 'little something' out there doing the rounds.

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