Saturday, 11 June 2011

3 mountains, a Moleskine and 2 x writers' meetings

Good afternoon - late because of step kids weekend and a whole load of baby rabbit deliveries - so, my deepest apologies. The two nests of rabbits that I had bred are now ready for their new homes and so to help speed up the collection process I chose to deliver - which was great but has taken longer than I'd planned.

Anyway, I've had a strange week. Last weekend, Husband was away doing a mental 3 peaks challenge with his fire service friends (Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon) all climbed in a weekend - I'm proud to say he made it, though it has taken a week for his aching to subside. I asked if he'd do it again, and without thinking he replied 'no chance' so it must have taken all he had as Hubby is no quitter. Whilst he was away climbing things, I stayed at home and had a writing weekend - enabling me to compile two chapters of 'Her'. I have to say, I did enjoy the silence of the house which allowed me to eat, drink and sleep my writing. Without sounding awful, I could do with a few more weekends to myself to finish this book, but hey, I wouldn't be without my boy.

I had two writers' meetings this week - Wednesday night at the Mad Hatters looked at one stage as if it would be cancelled due to lack of numbers but thankfully, three of us rallied around and made it a date. I read the end of a chapter that I'd been working on, Alex read a short story called  'Brief Encounter' and Janis read a delightful poem inspired by the Polesworth Poetry workshops. I was pleased that the other two found my little exert funny and yet understandably sad given the difficult relationships occurring.

My second writers' group at Coalville was with the Grace Dieu writers circle, a few new faces that I hadn't seen before - but all in all, a central core of people who have attended each time I have. I read chapter two of my novel - again I receive positive feedback with a few pointers regards a couple of sections which could do with clipping. The group is very mixed regards genres and styles - one piece in particular was hilarious, tears streamed down our faces as one guy read his short story aloud. I have to say, it is quite unnerving when someone is able to keep such a straight face while reading a funny piece - the audience didn't know whether it was supposed to be that funny until he had finished. Thankfully, it was - I can't imagine how we'd have got out of the situation if he hadn't meant it to be. Anyhow, a good night was had by all.

I can honestly say that I've gained so much from being part of writing circles - you are able to be with like minded people, who share your interests if not your genre - who experience the creation process and know how it feels - good or bad. I have belonged to three in total, the first one I went to wasn't my cup of tea - I didn't feel comfortable sharing my work or discussing others. I also noticed that certain members weren't fair with their time or critique. I went for about six months but never settled in. Luckily, I was brave enough to continue my search and found two other groups that suit me down to the ground and am grateful that I wasn't put off the whole writers' group idea. Though, my first experience has bode me well in that I remember how they made me feel and have since written a short story based on my experience - see nothing as ever wasted when you're a writer.

Moleskine - this week I have joined the club and purchased my very first Moleskine notebook. I have looked at these tiny pocket books so many times, and been put off for one reason or another - but this week I bought one! And, I do say,  I love it. I have a thing about the feel of paper, and it is beautiful to write upon - one of my geek things. I feel as if I've just admitted a secret indulgence but yes, I secretwriter have a thing about paper, pens.... anything stationery in fact. I'm more than happy wandering about in stationery shops browsing  -  my obsession is probably the equivalent of the normal woman's shoe shopping addiction. They collect high heels, I collect coloured ink! So, there you have it - I have succumb to the Moleskine brigade - and I honestily, don't know why it took me sooooo long. I have a funny feeling that there is no turning back from this point. I'll add the website link. Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for your cash balance or your sanity having viewed the site and decided that you too deserve such a luxury.

Have a great week and enjoy.

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