Saturday, 25 June 2011

Confession, family explosion, a graduation and a puppy dog

Morning folks, this is a very short posting but I promise to return later and up-date you on my day.... as I have a feeling it will be a wonderful one.

I have my graduation ceremony in a short while and so the whole house is busily preparing  - all suited and booted.

I have to confess that haven't completed any writing this week - I've not even sat down for 30 minutes - which is first time this has happened in about fifteen years. The reason being is that due to a huge bust up with their mother - I now have two step-kiddies living in the house. So, as a result my writing week has been spent organising two teenagers and creating workable routines so I can return my focus back to my novel. But I promise, never again will I have such an unproductive week regards my writing.

Yesterday, I had an interview for a University course - I'll blush as I say, it went very, very well - I was graded 'outstanding' at interview and 'outstanding' for my essay!!!!! Never before has anyone thought me 'outstanding' so I shall enjoy it while it lasts.

And finally, my graduation is at The Symphony Hall in Birmingham - so as you can imagine I am soooooo excited to be celebrating an academic success.

So, I'll love you and leave you for now but I will be back later tonight (possibly with a glass or two of champers) to up-date you. Enjoy!

Update: Well hello - I'm  back with an up-date.
I have had the most fabulous weekend ever. After saying bye to you guys on Saturday, we headed out to Birmingham. I've never been to the Symphony Hall before so was very impressed with the surroundings and the musical accompaniment. I fell in love with academic wearing robes - it all felt very Harry Potterish in a wonderful way so I am going to propose at school that all staff should dress in robes!

After a busy day of photographs, speeches and ceremony hype - the family went for a meal where darling husband surprised me by announcing that yes, I could have the poodle puppy that I've been wanting. So, you've guessed it, yesterday, we went to collect my beautiful little pup Teddy, a cream miniature poodle.

I've finally calmed down from all the excitment and I promise you, dear reader that I shall be at my desk, every night this week editing my novel.

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