Saturday, 4 June 2011

A mad rush, writing dead line and Olympics tickets

Good morning, I'm wide awake and raring to go on this sunny morning. I have the house to myself for the next 48 hours and I intend to spend it writing, writing and possibly, reading. Hubby is away doing a climbing/treking challenge of three peaks in twenty four hours so I have set a self imposed challenge to have a weekend dedicated to my novel.

Last week was a strange one, I was on school holiday but the beginning of the week was dedicated to step kiddies, then I had to complete a university application which took me an age to finish and post. Funny story: I finished the application, dashed off to the post office just before the mail deadline, to return home filled with glee that that task was complete only to realise in horror that I hadn't signed it. The most important part, which I'd left till last and then had forgotten to do. I must have looked like a mad woman dashing into the post office armed with a black pen and cellotape - anyway the kind man obliged by giving me back the envelope (they're not supposed to - Queen's service and all that) so that I could open, sign and reseal.

Wednesday, dawned the first of the month. I love the beginning of the month as it gives me chance to set little goals and targets for the coming four weeks - sad I know but please indulge me here. Anyhow, 1st June delivered the great news that me and Hubby had been allocated tickets for the Olympics 2012 - we'd requested the football final at Wembley and the final day of atheletics - we're not entirely sure which we've been granted as the amounted debited from our account doesn't match our ticket applications - we are assuming they have downgraded our seats - but who cares, I going to the London Olympics!!!

I've set myself a deadline of 31st August for this draft of my novel to be completed and ready for an agent to read. I'm starting to collect ideas for other books and know I can't possibly begin until this one is doing the rounds. So, given that I'll have six weeks holidays starting mid July, I see no reason why my novel shouldn't be complete by the time I head back to school.

On the subject of other novel ideas, I'll share how I start laying down the foundations of a book. I start by buying a lined scrap book - then I dedicate each page to a different element, for example, my main character will have their own page. I'll find a suitable name, description, even a picture from the local newspaper or internet that best fits my mind's image. Within this one book will be every detail relating to my novel  - every idea, plot twist, photographs of settings, beautiful words, dates and times of events, map drawings. I find this method is invaluable when I start writing as everything is to hand, nothing is forgotten or lost. In the next few weeks I plan to purchase the next scrap book in preparation for 1st September.

I still haven't received any rejection letters regards the two short stories that were sent out to publishers a month or so ago - so fingers crossed they are somebodies desk getting a thorough reading. I intend to write a new one aimed at People's Friend - though I have to say their house style is very different to how I write, so I'll need to tailor my writing to fit their desired requirements.

I have started to read 'Middlemarch' by Eliot - a book that has been recommended by numerous people over the years, and which I plaeced on my April Fool list. I began reading it yesterday and so far so good, it isn't an easy read but the era and characters are strongly defined which has enabled me to battle through the elaborate language. I'm currently on chapter six, where the main story is beginning to ignite - so maybe the reading will become a little easier - though somehow I doubt it. Over the years I've leant a lot about George Eliot's life (real name Mary Ann Evans) and the difficulties that she had pursuing a role outside of the female norm. The BBC showed an interesting documentary about her struggles to be freed from her religious upbringing in order to follow her own path to self development and education which eventually led her towards writing. Whilst reading 'Middlemarch' the same values are being addressed through the main characters - defining the quote 'write what you know' it's very obvious that Eliot did exactly that.

So, I shall love you and leave you and head towards a day of writing in an empty house which is a 'luxury' I don't often receive - enjoy!

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