Saturday, 18 June 2011

University courses, new ideas and a day dedicated to writing

Morning folks - I'm an early bird today, as I was up with the lark. Hopefully you are all happy and healthy and have had a good week. I've had a strange one. I received some good news from a local University that have offered me an interview for Friday 24th June - which had me dancing with glee. I'm chasing a place on a university course and so far it has proved a difficult road - somewhat frustrating and draining as it has been going on since December 2010. Fingers crossed, Friday will bring a successful outcome.

Wednesday, brought me a light bulb moment in the middle of a year 7 German lesson - suddenly an idea for a new novel came out of the blue. I amazed myself when I started to make notes as the plot lines just appeared, connected beautifully and a whole wealth of humour became apparent. By the end of the day I was quite excited by the prospect of this new idea. So, my current plan has slightly changed - I am now going to continue to edit 'Her' whilst researching this new project in preparation for September. It'll mean a little bit of juggling but hey, I'm used to that.

My daily writing has gone well this week but I seem to be stuck in a rut regards chapter fourteen - I keep finding little sections that don't feel right and so I re-write it. Hopefully, today can bring an end to that vicious cycle. Roll on chapter fifteen!

Which brings me to today and why I am up sooooo early. I plan to have a whole day dedicated to my novel 'Her' just like I did two weeks ago (when hubby was climbing mountains). I have written myself a to-do list and prioritised my tasks - the aim is to complete before bedtime. I've silenced the telephone, set the t.v. to record any interesting programmes and lined up the coffee mugs. It seems strange but I do have a little routine, that has developed over the years, which helps me to settle prior to writing. Must haves include: hot drink, post-it notes, a freshly sharpened pencil, ear plugs (invaluable) and usually a sleeping cat snoring in its basket. Close to hand is the scrap book dedicated to this novel and above my writing desk is the magic white board sheet (amazing stuff) listing character names, ages and relationships. Once I'm settled, that's it I disappear into a world of my very own - until someone breaks that spell asking for clean socks or cooked food.

The whole writing routine issue was brought up earlier in the week, having watched the Sky Arts 'Book Show' which included the daily routine of Cecilia Ahern - the film clip showed her busily working in a rented office away from her family home. The office was incredibly tidy, befitting any corporate company, dressed with several bookcases and low slung sofas - by keeping office hours she has managed to produce an array of novels. This got me thinking, would that be the best option? Having an office away from the house in which to work, then closing the door at the end of each working day, for a quick stroll home. It's an experiment that I'm willing to conduct should anyone care to sponsor me, so that I can give up the day job and find an office close to home. Any takers? Thought not.

O.K. time is ticking on, and I've got a hot date with  a lap-top - so I'll love you and leave you for another week. Remember you can follow me on twitter - odwyer_author.


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