Saturday, 3 September 2011

A new start, Emily Bronte and Jane Eyre

Morning, morning, morning. It feels very strange having to think about what I'm going to blog - but with 'Her' currently hibernating, I've spent the last two days chilling and having some 'me' time outside of writing. To be honest, I have felt a little bit lost, even though my time has been well spent. I recognise this to be part of my nature, I think I focus on something to the point of it consuming my every thought and then when it is finished, I'm left with an empty void.

Anyway, moving on to the new project. I have purchased the scrap book that becomes my Bible. I have started to look for faces to become specific characters, you might remember that I cut pictures of strangers from newspapers/catelogues for each part. I need to look about for new names too, I always find myself coming up with the same ones. So, I'm watching the rolling credits after progammes, I even read the birthdays column of the newspaper yeaterday in search of new names. I have completed a teeny bit of research on-line regards the popularity and costing of wedding planners in UK, but nothing more.

My plan for today is to begin researching three wedding venues for my new characters, one location I already know. I'm hoping to find three other locations that I can visit and describe accordingly, even though I'll be changing the names at a later date. I shall revisit a note nook in which I've outlined a few ideas - one quite shocking but hey, it would be a good twist. I remember when I was organising our wedding, the trouble and strife that other people cause is untrue, so one of the couples will be doing as we did - nipping to Gretna Green.
I've just finished rereading a biography of Emily Bronte - such an amazing character, somewhat overshadowed by her sister Charlotte. I was intrigued to read how shy and retiring she was amongst people only to be so wild and open with nature and animals. Yet again, I was amazed at the numerous links between her life events and scenes in 'Wuthering Heights' - makes me want to read it, again.

Coincidentally, I have my ticket booked to view 'Jane Eyre' at the cinema next Friday. I'm taking myself, to ensure nobody disturbs my self indulgance and enjoyment. Its a sad truth but I did learn as a small child that others always ruin what I wish to enjoy, so as an adult, I do tend to go it alone. But hey, is that not part of the writer's make up?

I have a huge heap of school stuff that needs organising in preparation for Monday - I can't remember why I brought some of it home! It has been sitting in bags for six weeks and now I'm a little baffled, was it for teaching or simply filing? Though yesterday, I did purhcase a reading book for my school lunchtimes 'One Day' by David Nicholls - its had some good reviews, so I'll see for myself come Monday.

Thursday, I have a writers' meeting at the Grace Dieu Writers' Circle - I missed the last one due to the deadline work. 

Can I say a big 'Thank you' if you visited the blog last week - it did help knowing that others were as eager as I was, to see me complete 'Her'. I promise, this next novel will not be taking as long. Enjoy!

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Gary said...

Great stuff Bernadette. Is your next novel going to be like the film "Memento" is which the main character loses their memory?x