Thursday, 1 September 2011

Oh my....

... the novel is now 'offically' written :-))).

Yesterday was a long day, I worked for just over ten hours, with small breaks in between, but I did it. I now have a completed novel - apart from the corrections I'll make upon reading it with fresh eyes.

Today, I plan to clean the house, like a crazy woman and start to day dream about the new project. I have started to note a few details already, I know that it's going to be about a 'wedding planner' and my current title 'To honour and obey' reflects the chick lit genre, other than that ..... blank canvas.

I return to school on Monday, so my daily rouitnes will change but as I mentioned in a recent post the new project will not take so long, I've learnt my lessons from 'Her'.

I promised you that I would post the opening few paragraph of 'Her', simply as a taste, so enjoy.

Chapter One - January

Cinderella had one, Snow white had one, even Princess Diana. And me? Well, there lies the crux of the matter; I never had a stepmother. Which goes someway to explaining why you find me leaning against a closed kitchen door; having excused myself from the family dining table, before my temper explodes.
     My pulse is racing; neck and forehead are clammy, gluing the underneath of my dark hair to the base of my nape.
     I stare about my kitchen, an array of dirty pots and pans clutter every surface, signifying hours of drudgery producing a Christmas feast. A re-enactment of our Christmas day celebration of three days ago, of which every detail is identical, except this time the children are present. A Christmas déjà vu; required to combat an ex-wife’s annual spite.

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