Saturday, 17 September 2011

Research, ideas and Mad Hatter chat

Morning bloggers - having just arrived home from buying my step-son an acoustic guitar, much to his delight, I'm now ready to settle down to a writing day.

I am still hankering after the previous project, but there remains one more week of hibernation before I drag it from its nest to read with fresh eyes. So, to keep my mind occupied I have managed to generate many ideas that could feasibly be used for my new project 'To honour and obey'. I have managed to name some of the cast, though their physical descriptions are unknown, but their lifestyles have been created. It probably sounds daft but I have chosen all four wedding bouquets around which each wedding will be formed. Now, having had two weddings myself, **surprise** for friends who didn't know, but having organsied two very different weddings I believe you tell a lot from the size, shape and artistic flare of the bouquet, which represents the entire ethos of the wedding. A simple posy of white freesia is very different to a bouquet of gold sprayed lillies, enhanced with diamond encrusted trinkets. Attached to each bouquet, I've managed to find four different location which replicates the style of each wedding. So, the long and the short of it, I'm back to being a wedding planner crafting four weddings from the crazy array of options available. I've had a good chuckle at the many stories that I know regards the strops and arguments caused by a family wedding - all of which are food for thought regards the plot and role of minor characters. I am still trying to create a phrase similar to the term 'bridezilla' but so far, nothing has evolved but it will, give me time.

I attended my Mad Hatters' writing group on Wednesday night - a small group of four but we filled three and a half hours with critque and creative chat. Alex read an extract from his autobiography 'Boy at war', Janis read a delightful piece about her oboe - which she's played since childhood and Mal brought along a collection of five poems inspired by the recent archaeology dig at Polesworth Abbey. I didn't read anything, I'm in creative limbo - I can't touch the previous project but haven't any material to share regards the new project. So I offered feedback on their work and enjoyed the creative chat along with a decent merlot.

This week I hope to attend the Fizz 9 poetry evening on Tuesday, 20th Septmeber at Polesworth Abbey refectory where Anthony Owen will be reading from his current collection - though, I may not attend as it is step-son's 15th birthday. Fingers crossed, he'll decide to attend his boxing session which will free me to go to my poetry meet. For further details about Fizz 9 or the Polesworth Abbey dig, please check out

My plans for today include a library session in the search of a wedding planners book that I saw several weeks ago - though no doubt it'll be on loan, as a local bride paws through it. I'll be having a cutting and glueing session to add brochure pictures into the scrap book - which helps me visually when describing passages for my readers. I intend to make a list of agents who would be interested in my completed project - as my intention is to post the first few manuscripts on Saturday, 1st October 2011.

So all in all, that's my lot at the mo. I hope everyone is happy and healthy - have a good week and enjoy!

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