Saturday, 10 September 2011

Routines, Grace Dieu Writers' Circle and Jane Eyre

Afternoon folks, sorry for being late but family duties took longer than expected - so, now that I've purchased a new violin for step-daughter, groomed the poodle puppy and got the washing machine on, I can finally attend to my blog.

I've had a weird week - I returned to school on Monday, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I have changed roles so my work load has altered slightly but so far it is all good. I have managed to come home at a reasonable hour and complete a little research each day in relation to the new project.  I've listened to others bragging about painting their lounge, nipping for a week in the sun and entertaining bored children - while I silently walked about, chuffed to bits that I'd finished editing a novel - but as always, I didn't say a word, retaining my secret.

I have been tempted to get 'Her' from hibernation to have a sneaky read but I know that the longer I leave it the easier it will be spotting the errors and correcting the copy, so have resisted, but it is there niggling away at the back of my mind. I suppose, I'm just eager to get it polished 100% for the eyes of an agent.

I attended my Grace Dieu Writers' Circle (GDWC) last Thursday, and we had a lengthy chat about what my next steps should be. I am going to opt for multiple submissions sent to numerous agents and publishing houses. I do feel a little rude doing that but if I did it individually it could take years for a result. I will mention that detail in my cover letter - but I have to think about me and the novel, rather than polite ettiquette of the publishing world. Sorry mum, but this is one place where manners might not count!

The GDWC have just launched a brand new website so please, please, please take a look at especially note the annual competition for short story and poetry.

Last night, I took myself for an evening of self indulgance with Jane Eyre. I simply had to see it the film on release night, and was not disappointed. The adaptation is very near to the original book - a few scenes have been cut but nothing that distracts from the beauty of the story. As always, Judi Dench (I love all her work) played a blinder as Mrs Fairfax and, I'll tread carefully here so as not to ruin your enjoyment, but Mr Rocherster is less menacing, and more brooding and desireable. I'd certainly return to view it again whilst its showing at the cinema, which say it all.

My plans for today include a trip to the library to have a nose in the weddings section, then this afternoon, I'm hoping for some quiet time to jot down a few ideas for the four couples that I have rolling about in my mind. I'm still seeking names for my new cast of characters but I know what personality types I'm drafting.

Apologies for an absence on Twitter, but I lost my Ipad2 charger and so it ruined everything when the battery went flat - but hey, I've found it and am now fully charged - so expect daily updates from odwyer_author.

I have just one event this week which is The Mad Hatters' Writers' Group on Wednesday evening, but know that in the next few weeks I'll be going to Fizz 9 on 20th September where poet Anthony Owen will read from his work 'The dreaded boy' - for further details see

I hope everyone is happy and healthy, and enjoys the week ahead. x

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