Friday, 7 October 2011

Adventures, Twilight and an empty weekend ahead

Evening folks - I had a spare moment so thought I'd write my blog nice and early. I've had a quiet week on the writing front, but jam packed with fun on the school adventure trip. We visited Condover Hall in Shropshire and had the time of our lives doing archery, fencing, abseiling and climbing - as a result, I now covered in bruises!!!! Go figure. Anyway, I had a fab time during our three day stay and made sure that I attempted every task - which has given me much food for thought regards a short story.

I arrived home to a passionate pup who had obviously missed me like crazy - why oh why, do people not act more like dogs when it comes to a joyous welcome? Bless him, he hadn't had a decent walk nor a cuddle munch in three days - sadly tonight, I repaid his loyalty with a new haircut - much to his disgust.

I have a busy, busy week ahead. Tuesday night has me attending a course tutorial in Coventry for my English degree. Wednesday night, I shall be in Birmingham listening to Ian Rankin give a talk as part of the Birmingham Literary Festival. Thursday night - I shall be at the Grace Dieu Writers' Circle and Friday, I'll be in Burton-on-Trent at Gary Carr's Spoken Worlds event and Saturday.... well, I'll be sparked out, dead to the world, I think.

In between all these lovely events I promise to add a little more to the new project - I'm still fixated by forenames and status - Tabbitha  remains favourite for my rich bitch, though the others keep changing. It's a good job no one can read my thoughts as I stroll the corridors at work or do the pupil register, if I pinch another name from school I'm sure they might charge royalties if it's ever published.

But, before my busy week I have a fabulously empty weekend ahead of me. The plan stan is to work all day tomorrow on the new project and deliver two copies of the old project to two fabulous ladies who have offered to read (a job I should have done last week but didn't due to lack of addresses). Anyway, tomorrow should be bliss. I'll take the pup for his weekly trek before heading back home to work my little socks off. Sunday, should be dedicated to school work but with a spot of yoga and piano, along with the week's ironing - I'm sure it'll all pass in the blink of an eye.

Confession time - I have started to read Meyer's Twilight series. I know, I know, I'm some years behind everyone else, but I am enjoying myself immenselyy. I know it is written for teenage girlies, with their school day crushes but I wanted to read it for myself to see if I could pin point what it has that ticked all the boxes, and I have to say I quite like it. I have purposely avoided the films, as year 8s had told me the books 'are much better, Miss' and I quite agree. So, just like Rowling's Harry Potter, I'll be snuggling up for the next few nights to finish this first book and recommending them to the youngsters to encourage them to read.  

So, I'll love you and leave you on this Friday evening, with hubby shouting at Wayne Rooney for his temper, and say goodnight, enjoy!

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