Saturday, 1 October 2011

Change of plans, disappointment and a half year birthday

1st October – officially my half birthday, so today I shall celebrate being 40 ½ years young. Which means I need to get a wiggle on regards my April Fool List – though believe me when I tell you just how long I’ve spent trying to whistle and still can’t do it!

This week has been a toughy. I’ve had lots going on with the day job which is good but time consuming, and a couple of disappointments regarding my writing world.

Firstly, today, I’d planned to post out my manuscript to numerous agents - but have received two very generous offers to read the first three chapters to ensure that they are truly perfect. Now, I would be daft not to take up the offer – so ‘Her’ will not be leaving via Royal Mail – well, not this week anyway.

Secondly, and in some ways more disappointing than not hitting my 1st October deadline, I wasn’t able to attend the Pooley Heritage Park yesterday. I had requested a leave of absence enabling me attend and read my poem ‘Jutt’ as part of the celebratory unveiling of the sculpture ‘Burnt Orange’. I know that my poem was read at the ceremony by Mal Dewhirst, who I am sure did me proud - while I remained at school, with one eye on the clock watching the hands move nearer to eleven o’clock. I intend to visit the site this weekend to view the sculpture and the first five poems of the Poetry trail phase two.

One thing that I have leant is that school isn’t interested in my writing and work so should anything *good* occur, I now know not to include them in the publicity. But hey ho, it’s how the cookie crumbles.

I have an exciting few days ahead, as I’m going on a three day adventure holiday with the year 7 pupils to Condover Hall in Shropshire. I’m expecting to be covered in mud, swing from high heights and climb large object all in the name of fun and team bonding. I shall be taking a small exercise book with me to note down my diary while I’m away and finger crossed, next week I’ll return without broken bits to fill you in on the action.

Thursday night, I shall be attending my husband’s medal ceremony in Royal Leamington Spa in recognition of twenty years in the fire brigade. He’s not best please about attending, being a modest bloke, but we’ve forced him into it as his loyalty should be recognized by the high and mighty.

So, with a bright look towards today – my plans have changed. I’m going to print of the three chapters so that my very kind friends can have a read and a red pen scribble. I plan to walk the pup at Pooley Heritage site so I can view the new installations. I shall indulge myself in planning an outline regards ‘To Honour….’ And fingers crossed, if the promised weather is as great as they predict, we’ll be having some family fun in the garden.

So, I’m going to love and leave you for now, have a fantastic week – enjoy!

Additional follow on: I've just returned from walking the pup in Pooley Heritage Park. I walked up the mound to view the sculpture - an impressive size and colour. Not so sure that other people will realise it is a leaves piled skywards to represent the layers of foliage later carbonised to create coal. But, for me the nicest part of my walk was finding and reading the five poety installations - I now really can't wait to see how mine is designed and where it'll be placed.

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