Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ian Rankin, 'Caught in the act' and Madame Muse take a walk in the park

Morning folk - hoping everyone is happy and healthy. Apologies for a late blog but normal transmission can now resume. I have collected my manuscript section which a friend had been proof reading for me - she has been an angel and found several typo and punctuation errors which I've over looked on numerous occasions. So, my job for tomorrow afternoon is to correct and edit. But, it does suggest that I should go through the rest of the manuscript with a fine tooth comb, again.

Wednesday night, saw me attend an evening, or rather a date as I kept telling the folks at work, with Ian Rankin. What a great guy, so down to earth - the kind I'd happily go for a pint and a curry with given half the chance. I have to say, I've attended a few evening like this, and there are times you come away thinking 'boy, what an ego' because the author has talked non-stop about their flash house, flash car, flash lifestyle -
 not Ian Rankin. It was a pleasure to attend, I could have listened to him chat for much, much longer.

Thursday night saw the annual Grace Dieu Short Story competition where each member brings along a 1000 word piece of fiction. All entries are anonymous and are read aloud to the group, then the selection process begins. The aim is to find the three top stories, by means of a voting process, which will be read aloud at the annual night in November, when a neighbouring writers group visits to showcase their best short stories. I was eager to join in, so spent two hours this week editing a 1500 word story 'Caught in the act' down to the word limit of 1000. I managed it, just. On the evening there were seven entries which were read aloud by a committee member, and then, as we had spare time we decided to read them to ourselves, prior to voting. I didn't realise just how difficult it would be not letting on which story I had written. I noticed other members skip though certain ones but lingered over others, which gave the game away. Anyway the end result was.... 'Caught in the act' was voted as one of the best three - so, I shall be reading it aloud on Thursday, 10th November. The funny thing about this story is that it evolved from an exercise conducted by the Mad Hatter's writers' group a year or so ago - it goes to show work can have an extended life if you edit and recycle.

Today, I was suppose to take the pup for his weekly walk to Pooley Heritage Park but due to an over sight regards change for the ticket barrier I had to change my plan. Instead, I took the pup to the Abbey Green park which I used to visit as a child, and I walked the circumference for the first time ever. Wow, how the memories came flooding back. Times of fishing for tiddlers with a yellow net and jam jar, cut knees and bumped heads on the long forgotten slide and see-saw and even the red sand pathways which are now buried beneath a inch of weeds and soil. Amongst all this, a short story came to mind, which brought a lump to my throat and which I now need to write. Which goes to show, that 'Madame Muse' is never far away.

And finally, I have received an invite to attend Birmingham Art Museum next Saturday to participate in an Open University event encouraging the study of art. Apparently, there will be a guided tour, advice and support on how to appreciate paintings and a dedicated study session enabling us to practise the skills. Fingers crossed, Madame Muse will also attend and I'll get a short story come to mind as an added bonus.

All in all not a bad week, considering the juggling of work and writing, thankfully I made it to Saturday, like I always do.  Enjoy x

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