Saturday, 26 October 2013

Holiday, W.I.P and The Ghose House at 99 pence

Morning folks, you find me bright and breezy having started my school holiday. Boy, do I have plans! It'll be. Push fitting everything in but I'll do my damnedest!

I started a new routine sat week - it was tough getting up in the darkness but once on my feet, I was away. It's proved to be a welcome boost I needed, if only the lighter mornings were here. Anyway, I have one final week before Nano starts to complete.

Last Thursday I took 'Mr Nobody' poem to the Grace Dieu meeting - receiving lots of praise but... no poetry competition as it was cancelled due to a members' discussion prior to commencement. Nevermind, I'd completed an entry and was glad to join in purely for fun. The evening turned into a truly funny evening - reinforcing why creative types need and thrive on interaction.

I currently have several reading books on the go, the one i'd recommend for pure enjoyment is my writing buddy, Helen Phifer's book, 'The Ghost House' which is currently on offer at 99 pence from amazon.

So, my plans for this week:
- complete FLOM W.I.P by Thursday 31 October
- begin Nano 2013 with a midnight session
- studying 'Jane Erye' for uni
- reading Zola's 'Germinal' for uni study
- finish reading 'The Ghost House' by Helen Phifer
- visiting Warwick Castle for a day trip

I promise that I'll be Tweeting throughout the week so please come and join me as I complete my second full novel.  @odwyer_author on Twitter and odwyer_author on facebook. Enjoy!

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