Saturday, 19 October 2013

Reading, Nano and new routines

Morning folks, I write this as the first torrent of raindrops, as promised by the weather men, descends.    
It's been a strange week in numerous ways, but I've managed to write in snatched moments here and there. I produced a poem about boxing during a poetry class at work, edited two more chapters of my current project and completed copious amounts of study during my lunchtimes.

Wednesday saw me attend my local writers' group Mad Hatters - which gave me food for thought regards childhood memories, historical settings and fell walking. I didn't take anything to read or have critiqued, it's difficult maintaining the momentum of writing a novel and receivingfeedback simultaneously   Much better to complete and polish the text, then hand over as a complete piece of work.

Thursday I indulged in an entire evening of reading, I literally did nothing else. Wrapped in a fleece, the pooch on my lap - I read from seven o'clock until eleven. It reminded me of being a teenager when time was endless and such occurrences were virtually a daily routine.

It is the Grace Dieu writers' meeting this coming Thursday, the evening insists of an annual poetry competition between members - I have already polished my entry in preparation. The prize is purely satisfaction and a bottle of vino - more than enough for me!

The countdown has begun regards Nano 2013 - you may have noticed that my widget has been renewed for 2013. I am on holiday the week of the Nano start so have planned to work through the night from midnight. Please join me, it would be wonderful to have more company in addition to the fabulous Nano buddies from last year.

I'm nearly at the end of 'Northanger' by Austen - I've gained a whole new, and unexpected, insight regards the plot and characters due to my study modules. Fingers crossed I can finish it by the end of this weekend.

And finally, as the season changes from summer to autumn I have started to adjust my activities to accommodate the darker hours. From this Monday, I shall be writing before I go to work as a means of upping my output. I'll let you know via Twitter how I fare.

Enjoy the weekend and remember you can connect via Twitter @odwyer_author or via Facebook odwyer_author - chat later!

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