Thursday, 31 October 2013

Submission and Nano

Hi folks, a quick update from me, prior to Nano starting at midnight tonight.

I have spent all this week working on the W.I.P. to ensure I could complete and submit today 31st October. Well, the good news is my hard work has paid off. I have literally just submitted my entry - which closes this novel, for the time being. And the even better news, this now frees my mind to focus on the craziest month of the year, November and Nano!

I have updated my Nano page, linked up with my buddy requests and am planning a little sleep in a few hours time ready for my midnight writing session. Please come and join me, I promise to hold your hand.

A celebratory task for me is to deliver my gold bangle to the jeweller's - who engraves the date of my completed novels inside.

Fleeting visit, but I must dash... Fingers crossed I shall hear from you tonight as I begin my Nano 2013 quest. Use Twitter by searching for @odwyer_author or Facebook odwyer_author - either way, see you later.

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