Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Ghost House, poems and Austen

Morning folks - boy, how the weeks are flying. I've had a cracker of a week. I managed to rewrite a couple of chapters last weekend and draft a poem which set me up for the week - and thankfully the flow of inspiration continued. The productive results being two additional poems linked to childhood and an additional two chapter rewrites. Not bad for a juggler!

On Wednesday, I took great delight in my writing buddy Helen Phifer's debut novel 'The Ghost House' - it arrived to my IPad at 6am and I managed to peek at a couple of chapters before bedtime. A few more chapters today and I shall be writing my feedback on Amazon.

Wednesday, also saw me return to my writing group Mad Hatters having had to send my apologies to the previous meeting. It was a very quiet night, with just three of us, but hey, we put the writing world to rights.

Thursday, bingo bango came the arrival of two poems, like buses, hey? Or is it simply dog walking routines. I also freaked out a work colleague with the speed of a creative idea - sorry folks, I can't simply switch it off when at the day job.

Friday night was my night off and I took full advantage by attending a quiz night with hubby - thankfully I achieved 100% on the literature questions. Phew!

And so, to today. I've spent most of the morning reading Austen's 'Northanger Abbey' linked to my course - bliss! Such a treat reading about Bath and the 'Upper' assembly rooms! The rest of my day is be spent at my desk working on My W.I.P FLOM - I've set a deadline for 31 Oct ten let the NaNo begin!

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