Monday, 21 April 2014

Solitary, Nosiness and obsessive genes

Morning folks, I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. I'm just entering the second week of holiday so need to crack on this week with my work. Last week, I managed a fair amount but it was squeezed in between the fence painting and shed building that has consumed our household. Boy, have I painted some fencing - which has amazed the males in my world, though I think the stamina and lack of back ache comes down to my 'plodding genes'. Which got me thinking; which of my qualities helps my writing?

When I look back on life certain characteristics have always been present in my personality. Firstly, my ability to be solitary and alone for hours, even days on end. Some people despise it, don't they? Me! I love it! My parents hated this, worried about it in fact. I've always socialized when needed too but returned to my comfort zone of one a.s.a.p. It may sound pretty selfish but essential if you wish to write.

Secondly, my nosiness gene helps a lot. I hear or see the tiniest details and I'm instantly curious; who? What? When? How? Why? I met people, honestly I do socialize sometimes, and drink in anything unique about them. Which coupled with my skill of listening and a freakishly excellent memory for detail means I can recall on so many of life's encounters and experiences.

Thirdly, I have an obsession about time. Sounds crazy doesn't it but as a teenager my father was seriously ill and I realized at an early age how precious time is. I remember being shocked realizing that a week has just 168 hours! Even more so, on witnessing people waste those precious hours! Anyway, as an adult, I waste very, very few - which might explain to some, who know my in the flesh, why I'm always 'busy doing' - it's down my time obsession.

Finally, but definitely as important, is my imagination. I can be lost in another world, live it, breath it and feel it in a childlike manner. You know when young children are absorbed in a task and they don't answer you? That's me, my imagination takes over and I'm elsewhere when writing.

I feel quite fortunate to have discovered a role that must be helped by specific characteristics - could you be a writer without being nosey, needing company of others around the clock and wasting those precious hours?

On that note, I'll love and leave you - I have a work to do which isn't going to write itself. X

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