Thursday, 5 June 2014

OFSTED and exam day - yay!

Morning! I started the week knowing that I had to remain focused on today, Thursday for the big exam. Sunday evening I listed my plan for the final few revision sessions and was happy and content.
Monday morning everything changed with a phone call from school inspectors OFSTED. They were coming in on Tuesday and Wednesday - now, all schools folks will know how stressful it is. Non-school staff might not appreciate the admin, paperwork and sheer energy that is needed for those two days. Their questions, their data requests, their eagle eye, their efficiency at inspecting every aspect of school life.  My exam revision plan went out the window. Instead, Monday night having worked all day, I worked until two in the morning collating my data and lesson plans, went into work Tuesday on three hours sleep, taught all day and then repeated the process ready for Wednesday! OMG, I am spent! I haven't had a moment to even look at my revision cards.

So, Tuesday and Wednesday are over, Thursday (exam day) has dawned - I'll spend the next few hours cramming and doing revision before the 2:30pm start. Not the situation I'd envisaged but hey, my saving grace will be the hours I revised during my holiday.

Wish me luck folks, it's been a tough few days x

Follow up: yay, the exam went well! I am so pleased that the questions were to my liking and I was able to answer four as needed. Thank you to my beauties for supporting me, special thanks to my buddy Helen Phifer - you've lightened the load the last couple of days x

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