Saturday, 22 January 2011

Cyber purgatory, Poets' evening and Russian dolls

OFSTED - the buggers that took over my life for this week; leaving me in a state of near collapse with a deep resentment for the day job. I knew that my 'routine' of 'daydream at day job; writing at home' would be broken sooner or later and yes, they suceeded. So, not a great week for my writing, though last weekend was wonderful. I managed to re-draft and knit back together chapters four and five. It was a pull on the heart strings to dismantle my work but it had to be done and the finished chapters were far better - they always are, if I'm honest.

Monday delivered me a dilemma - a writing acquainatance from the past popped up and asked to be friends on FB. Long and complicated history but the short answer was a definate no - but what do you do? You want to refuse but you don't want to offend.  So I had a quick check with my poet buddy Mal, only to find I'd been greatly honoured, as he hadn't been contacted - yet!!! Anyway, it's a no-go, I've ignored in preference to offend, which places them in a FB limbo or as Mal rightfully named it 'cyber purgatory'.

Tuesday delivered an enjoyable evening at 'The Fizz 5' a poetry evening at Polesworth Abbey, which if you're not aware is closely linked to poets from the Elizabethan times; John Donne, Michael Drayton and possibly Shakespeare. I know what you're thinking - poets but you're a writer? Hear me out on this one - poets, writers, song writers - we're all wordsmiths hacking, digging and sculpting the English language so it's an ideal stimulus and down time for any writer. Plus, it enables me to marvel at their craft written in a few lines, when I complain that thirty chapters is a squeeze for the story I wish to tell! The invited poet was Sarah James, reading from her poetry collection 'Into the Yell' (ISBN 9781906451240) - I was entranced the moment I spotted the Russian doll on the collection's front cover - the perfect symbol for all poets and writers. Anyway, her poetry was fresh, filled with great imagery on a range of subjects; flood water, mermaids, Mandy Jones and Russain dolls. Mal Dewhirst read his beautiful poem, inspired by Fleur Lombard and dedicated to Firefights everywhere - which touched home for me (as hubby is firefighter). I was pleased to see Gary Carr, from 'Burton's Spoken Word' his poetry has a simplistic beauty which always leaves you wanting more. And finally, 'Hench' with his mammoth tale, performed as always with such energy and vigor. All in all, an excellent night of poetry - 'Fizz 6' is on Tuesday, 22nd March 2011 - Polesworth Abbey - it goes without saying, everyone welcome.

Wednesday - a wash out. I was unable to attend my writing group due to the day job - which turned me into a grumbling old witch, festering with resentment. So, the least said on that note, the better.

And finally, today - my main writing day of any week - the day that I dream of all week and yet it vanishes in the blink of an eye. I am hoping to polish chapter five and make a start on re-drafting chapter six - my only wish is that the process goes as well as last week's. Though, I have indulged myself with the purchase of a Roberts DAB radio retro look model - so fingers crossed, my new friend whispers beautiful tones throughout my day.

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Gary said...

I enjoyed your review of Fizz5.I co-edit the website which specialises in Spoken Word listings and reviews. May we use it? We can link it back to your blog. If you wish to submit future reviews i would be pleased to carry them. Contact me on facebook: Gary Longden or by e-mail