Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New year continues....

Since New Year my self imposed promise was to write, write and write... well write as much as I could, when I could, without wasting time on other pointless pursuits. My book draft has to become my main priority, second to hubby and home that is. Well, so far, so good.  I've managed to write each night, after a full day at the grind stone, and have found it pleasureable rather than a chore. Last night, I wrote for an hour, which was all I could afford to do but it felt good to have dedicated that time to my book. I'm honest enough to admit that many times I've thought 'an hour is that all' and I've chosen to do something else instead but I've learnt the hard way, 'cause each little hour adds up in the bigger picture. So,... I'm doing as I promised.

I reread the first three chapters over Christamas and decided that a re-jig of descriptions and back history would be beneficial to readers giving a more logical introduction to the main characters. On starting I felt all jittery about messing up the work I'd already done, but having nearly completed the rejig, the sequence flows is smoother. It means that my first three chapters are now as I wish and I can start re-drafting chapter four.

Chapter four - I'm hoping to introduce two new characters who are the cause of trouble and stife for our leading lady. Lots of fun and mind games are included - which allows my imagination to run riot. Though I'm expecting to have to slice quite a few unintersting bits from the original draft to liven the pace. We'll see.

I've started to write the draft in a page set up resembling a book page - it has allowed me to see the potential layout and get a feel for the draft as an actual book - that's my creativity needing a visual boundary, bless.

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