Saturday, 29 January 2011

Names, games and hullabaloo

Evening folks, a late posting from me. But today has been turned upon its head by the arrival of Step-kiddies, and the associated hullabaloo that fills the house. So, it goes without saying that my writing session is delayed until they are in bed. I can't moan really as they provided the inspiration for my novel - which is about a stepmothering. I haven't mentioned the specifics of my novel but it goes without saying that I followed the age old advice of 'write what you know'.

I had the joy of creating two new characters this week, so did my usual trick of looking into my own family tree for interesting names to fit the bill. So far, I have used my grandfather's surname, a selection of great aunties' first names - though, I have failed to create a suitable character to shoulder my great grandmother's name of Esmeralda - one day! 

Anyway, I've had a mixed week which started with two sickness days away from the 'day job' and ended with me starting a creative writing course at school. After an initial two hour session, a year 11 pupil said 'Miss, you're pretty alright at this fiction stuff, maybe you should think about writing a book' how I kept my face straight, I don't know. I thoroughly enjoyed returning to the basics of writing with the pupils. We played a character generation game to create believable characters possessing strengths, weaknesses, secrets and habits - it was a pleasure to see their joy at discovering possible plot lines. Fingers cross, their interest continues to next week's lesson.

I have a writers' group meeting on Wednesday, where I'll be reading my short story 'The clocks strike thirteen' and hearing the other members attempts at the same exercise. All in all, a quiet week for me, but that gives me chance to return to the 'dream at day job: write at home' routine. Signing off for now, so I can make a start on a writing session that'll burn the midnight oil.

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