Sunday, 10 July 2011

Editing, hard drives and fiction becoming reality

Morning folks - I am exactly twenty four hours late with this up-date - I'm eternally sorry. Yesterday flew by in a complete blur and I've really only just caught up with myself regards time to write this blog.

I am proud to say I had a great week last week - I promised I would write and I did - everyday! Though amidst the family up-heaval it wasn't easy finding the time but I did manage to snatch a few half hour sessions each night to write. And so, from now on there will be no more excuses from this department regards lack of time or hours in a day. I've done it once, I can now do it again!

I did have to cancel my evening at the Mad Hatters Writers' group - because of a last minute emergency that I couldn't duck out of but hey, I'm sure they coped well without me and I shall be eager to see them in two weeks.

As I said, I had a good week - I managed to edit another chapter and have finally realised that I'm not good with this editing lark - I like the writing element of a novel and so must learn how to edit more effectively to shorten the job when I write my next novel. I have started to reflect upon how I could have made this process simpler on myself and have concluded that:

a, I should set and adhere to stricter time periods for writing and editing,
b, have designated editing days during the writing process
c, print a hard copy of each chapter - as this does make the editing process easier for me
d, have a dedicated editing area away from my desk so that I differentiate the duties performed
e, probably stop analysing editing so much and just get on with the job
f, no seriously, stop making lists about editing - just get on with it!

You get my drift.

Last week, I found a bargain on Ebay, a seller was clearing out his 'Moleskine' stock as the cellaphane wrappers were damaged - I did a little dance when I picked up two large lined books for less than the retail price of one in the shops. Woohoo - not only am I 'converted' to using them - I'm creating a little stash of my own.

It was hubby's birthday last week so I nipped into a local computer store to purchase a new laptop for him, only to arrive home and find that the 'birthday fairy' had very generously dropped a portable external hard drive into my trolley, too. It would have been so rude of me to ignore her generous gift so I've made full use of it backing up my novel writing and short stories. The hardest part was refraining from using my 'gift' until hubby had his laptop - boy, did he laugh when I showed him of my extra present. Though, like anything technology wise - how did I manage to sleep at night knowing that my novel wasn't secure on an external drive? I've slept soundly since Friday evening.

I have mentioned that my family home has had two additions in recent weeks and yes, they have mucked up my writing routine but it has been a lesson in many ways. Fristly, teenage boys can cook the most amazing bakewell tarts and don't mind making them three times in one week. Teenage girls aren't as moody as we are led to believe in sitcoms and that yes, I can cope with an increase in cooking, cleaning and bottle washing - though sleep deprivation does not bode well for my temper or wrinkles. But, the point I'm getting to is that I have begun to live out the final chapter of my draft novel 'Her', where my main character does have a step-child unexpectedly come and live - boy, have I under written that chapter block! I  have written a cute little ending that evolves with the situation, when really I should have written about a time bomb that exploded depositing a child onto her doorstep. So, it goes without saying that I shall have to re-write and edit that section making it totally unexpected.

And finally, the poodle pup has his final injection this week which enables me to begin his daily walking routine and I am hoping more 'thinking time' for my writing.

Have a good week, I promise I shall keep up the good work amidst the havoc.

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