Saturday, 30 July 2011

My most productive week ever, a good read and a Summer outing

Good morning, the sun is shining, the forecast is good and I've had the very best writing week of my life! A huge statement but absolutely true. Never before have I completed what I have this week. I have managed to edit five chapters of my novel 'Her' which means that after this blog I shall be working on chapter nineteen!!!! As I explained last week, I'm now on school holiday and had set out a schedule for the week detailing time slots for writing - and I'm proud to say, I stuck to it. The momentum of working each morning and having each afternoon to ones self has worked a treat. So, it goes without saying that I will be repeating the routine this coming week to ensure the same results. At this rate, thirty four more days will be all that is needed to complete and prepare for an agent.

As a result of my superb week, I have to say that my confidence and motivation regards my work has increased ten fold. I'm on the final stretch of this project before it does the rounds and the adrenalin is definitely pumping.

One other high point of the week was explaining to the stepchildren exactly what I was doing. I'd worked for three mornings, and we, hubby and I, had noticed that they seemed a little confused as to what I was working on. So, I sat them down and explained that I'd written a book, and was currently editing the manuscript. Both step-kids fell silent and simply stared - they'd thought I was doing school work. I was correct in my prediction last week, that even though they knew I went to 'writers' meetings' they hadn't made a connection what 'writers' was - bless um! Anyway the outcome was that they both unfully appreciate that I need to focus on my project and need to be left alone to work. And.... that was it, as simple as that - no questions, nothing.

I found a gem of a book 'Oranges aren't the only fruit' by Jeanette Winterson - a riveting read which I read in two days - don't you just love it when a book grabs your attention and you just have to consume it in a greedy fashion? I've also updated my bookworming list with recently read titles. The last book that I devoured in this manner was 'The girl with a pearl earring' by Tracey Chevalier, which was recommended by a friend. Or was it 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini which was another devour-it-in-two-sittings book.

Thursday evening I attended the Grace Dieu Summer outing which was a meal at a local Italian, La Torre in Coalville - where the food was utterly superb! I shall be returning with hubby in the coming weeks. It was nice to have a social evening, a work free night, with the writers - as I was able to learn a little more about each on a personal and friendly level. I have to say, writers really are the most interesting and diverse group of people you can meet - I love the stimulation that can be gained from the briefest of chats which ignites a plethora of potential short stories.

I am still awaiting news on the two short stories that I sent to a magazine a number of weeks ago. The waiting period is over and yet I am still waiting - so, fingers crossed that I hear pretty soon.

This weekend I shall be entering my novel's opening chapter into the Mslexia Magazine's 'Women's Novel Competition'. The closing date is 30th September for the first 5000 words of an unpublished novel. For further details check out:

So, that's a quick up-date of my week, as always you can follow me on Twitter, ODwyer_author, for daily updates on my progress, other wise it is back here next Saturday for the latest blog up-date. Please feel free to pass details onto your writer friends that may be interested in my blog page.

Enjoy x

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