Saturday, 23 July 2011

School holiday, planned timetable and a twice daily muse

Good morning's offical, I am on six weeks school holidays - yay! The school broke up yesterday, so today, is day one of my writing holiday to hit that 1st September deadline. I've been a busy bee all week sorting and sifting through the school work to clear the deck, so that I can indulge myself in my project. I've written up a writing timetable which covers the six week period and informed the world and his wife that I will be unavailable for coffee, lazy morning lie-ins or anything else that tempts me away from my desk. Come hell, or high weater this novel will be ready to send to an agent during the first week in September.

I can honestily say, I've never had this opportunity before me - I havn't any degree study to complete, no home decorating to do, no major events to arrange - nothing, except to finish my novel. So, should I blow this chance, I have nothing and no one to blame but myself for being lazy. And lazy is one thing that I am not! So, it literally starts here, well straight after this blog up-date. I'm actually quite excited at the prospect of dedicating each day to the novel and seeing the editing completed and the finished product emerge. I may even give up-dates along the way on this blog, though by now surely everyone knows you can follow me on Twitter at Odwyer_Author for a daily update.

Added to my excitment this week was the task of dog walking, for those who haven't read my previous blogs, I recent bought a poodle pup and last Monday was his first big adventure outside of the garden gate. I have been a good owner and walked him twice a day, everyday since, and I have to say what a pleasure it is. I now have two dedicated 'muse moments' for writing to clear my head and take a breath of fresh air. It goes without saying that a countless number of people have stopped me to enquire about the pup - he literally does stop traffic with his cuteness!

I find myslef in a strange situation at present, as two step-children have recent moved in and as previous explained my novel is about that precise subject: step families. I have been honest enough to say, we didn't see the changes coming, even though we were aware that the children were having difficulties communicating at their other home. The thing that is strange for me, is that I am now living the plot line for the final few chapters of my novel! And, believe it or not it has proved to me that I have under written those final chapters and that the sudden arrival of step-children on the doorstep is a far better plot twist then the general evolving story which I have written. So, I shall be changing my ending due to recent events. Which does follow the age old advice - a writer must write what they have lived and know!

The children situation seems a little sureal, as the children are blissfully unaware of my novel, even though it is being constructed under their noses. My writing isn't something that they have been aware of during their visits, and until recently when they moved in they were unaware that I attended my writers groups. It sounds strange to say but one child asked last week 'are you going to writers?' and yet they know nothing. I believe they just copied the words their father had said to me earlier. The penny hasn't dropped - so I do feel that an honest conversation and introduction to my work is on the horizon. But, this is what us adults love about kids, they just accept the world around them, without always thinking of the reasoning behind it. I am pretty sure, I'd put money on it infact, that when the kids are told that I write they will shocked, even though they themselves asked 'are you going to writers?' I think they believe it relates to something completely diferent.... and as for the huge pieces of magic whiteboard which cover our dining room walls, which have been in place for near on two years - I think they'll be shocked to realise the names and details relate to my characters.

And finally, at my Mad Hatters' Writing Group last Wednesday, Mal Dewhirst shared the poem he had recently created from the words tweeted at Nuneaton's Poetry Day on 2nd July. He was delighted to have words tweeted from around the world - so please, please check out his web page 'Pollysworda' and go to the Nuneaton Poetry page as I believe that one of my blog followers had their word included. So, a big congratulations to you.

Right, I shall love and leave you.... I have a novel to finish and the clock is ticking!

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