Tuesday, 30 August 2011

2 days...

Yesterday went well, though I got into a muddle regards a grammar issue - which led me on a wild goose chase to correct errors only to find I had misunderstood the explanation and was orginally correct - Dooh! Thankfully all was O.K. by bedtime.

Today, I have a hard copy laid before me with highlights and sticky tags pointing to incidents and snippets that I wish to include, so my job for today it to weave the extras into place. It seems like a huge job but once I get started, I'm hoping they'll connect and weave together like jigsaw pieces.

I have had some invaluble advice from a Twitter follower; that I should complete on 31st August (tomorrow - yikes) and then leave for a month, before reading the novel as if seeing it for the first time. This way, I'll have forgotten the nitty gritty detail and read with fresh eyes, correct where/if needed, before sending it out to an agent. Sounds like a fair plan to me. Which allows me more time to research and compile a list of agents. So, all being well I shall be sending the manuscript out at the end of September.

I still haven't come up with a female name for the final chapter - so far the ones that have sprung to mind don't fit her description  - so that remains ...OMG whilst writing that line I have just thought of a name - which would in fact honour someone that I grew up with and who has inspired me over the years. Wendy, I'll call her Wendy. Don't you just love the human mind - it always throws up the answer when you least expect it.

Anyway, now that I have a name, I need to return to the grind stone, enjoy!

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