Friday, 12 August 2011

Rejections, continued progress and a record number of visits in one day!

Evening folks, another early post from me - but I had a little spare time so thought why not talk to you guys?

I've had a mixed week, if I'm honest. Firstly, I received two rejection letters for the short stories that I'd sent to a women's magazine. Both rejections were pretty standard, 'not quite right for our magazine' but I shall revisit each of them, compare them to the short stories that they do publish and see what happens with a little tweaking. Who knows, in a week or so I may send them both out to new markets.

The rejection letters are saved in a document file - each one represents stepping stone toward success. I used to get horribly down on receiving a rejection letter but I think you have to take it for what it is, rather than a personal rejection - which I think was my issue when I was younger. Now, being older and wiser, I accept that, that particular market didn't find my work suitable, it doesn't mean that my work isn't suitable. So, onwards and upwards.

This week's editing hasn't gone as well as the previous week, which if I remember correctly didn't go as well as the previous week to that - I see a pattern occuring here which needs to stop. Otherwise, I will not be hitting the 31st August deadline and I want that deadline nailed! It wasn't entirely my fault but the kids did effect my work this week - their lack of social organising skills meant that I've literally had to make plans for them and their friends and if I'm honest, their friends' parents - who seem unable to make a simple decision: 'yes' or 'no'. I allowed my writing time to be stolen from me, hour by hour, without shouting up for myself. Next week, I will be make amends and will be demanding my work time! Anyway, hubby arrives back tonight so the kiddie load will be lighter on my shoulders.

I have finished reading 'Doctor Faustus' by Marlowe - I'd recommend it as a comparison to Shakespeare's work - I can see why there are so many theories regards Marlowe/Shakespeare combo. Why not give it a whirl and make up your own mind?

Friday, 19th - I am going to see Macbeth at The Royal Shakespeare thearte in Startford-upon-Avon - I literally can't wait. I booked the theatre trip a few months ago as it appears on my '40th April Fool list' (listed on right hand panel of blog). I shall give you a brief review on next week's blog - but I'm expecting it to be the excellent!

And finally, a big hello to USA for creating the record number of visits to my blog today! I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekly up-dates. I do regularly check this blog's stats page and add to the list of countries as they occur. Remember you can also follow me on Twitter: Odwyer_author.

O.K. - that's about it from me this week - I promise, come hell or high water, that I will be having an excellent editing week! Enjoy x

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