Saturday, 6 August 2011

Chapter 25, Mad Hatters and Christopher Marlowe

Good morning folks, hope everyone is happy and healthy. I'm proud to announce that I have reached chapter 25 in editing my novel - a simple indication of a fabulous week. Though, I must confess sticking to the routine wasn't as easy as last week and there were numerous occasions when it felt like hard work. But, I persevered - the result being six chapters!

I've had a quiet week regards socials and outtings, I attended the Mad Hatter's Writers' Group on Wednesday evening - a small group of four attended but as always we managed to fill an entire evening with poetry and prose related reading and chat. One member spoke to me about her reading group and I was tempted to join but with the amount of 'stuff' on my plate at the minute I know it would be burning the candle at both ends. I have to admit that Reading groups do intrigue me, it's the mixture of individuals focusing on the same book whilst offering such varied responses to the text - which fires my imagination regards the debates and disagreements. Instead of attending a reading group, I may produce a short story instead to dispel my over active imagination.

The week ahead looks rosy and bright, over flowing with opportunity to edit, as hubby has been sent on a week's residentual course with The Open University. So, although I'm left with the two children, I have a plan (as always) on how the week is panning out regards their activities - enabling me to complete plenty of editing. Should they not allow me to complete my work they may be introduced to old fashioned school discpline; finger on lips, hands on heads or standing in a corner with your nose on the wall. Come what may, I will be progressing from chapter twenty five.

I also plan to write a short story of 1500 words for a competition related to Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility'. The competition is to celebrate the bicentenial anniversary, first published in 1811 - for further details about competitions see 'Writing magazine' or 'Writers News'

Thursday night, I have the Grace Dieu Writers' Circle at Coalville, so look forward to reading a short story 'Vibes and Jibes' which still hasn't been rejected by a women's magazine (fingers remain crossed).

Yesterday saw my introduction to Christopher Marlowe's 'Doctor Faustus' which I have to read as part of my continuing English Literature course. I've heard plenty about Marlow, his comparison and connection to Shakespeare, but until now have never read his work. I managed to complete Act one yesterday and hopefully, Act two will follow today - but as with all Elizabethan texts I'm gripped by the play's topic 'necromancy' which is black magic to conjure the spirits of the dead. Why oh why, has no one ever recommended that I read more sixteenth century plays - they are sooooo fascinating - and the language is a treat in itself.

O.K. enough from me, I shall love and leave you all - have a good week and enjoy!

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