Monday, 29 August 2011

Countdown begins - 3 days....

A mini up-date on my progess....

Since Saturday, I have managed to edit numerous chapters and am nearing the end of the novel. I have surprised myself with the number of hours that I can sit in a chair and simply edit, with only toilet visits and tea-making duty as my breaks. I discovered a problem with my plot timeline early yesterday morning so spent a while putting that back on track but other than that I have plugged away at it.

One small detail that is niggling me - I'm struggling to find a first name for a minor character who pops up at the very end of the novel - I've exhausted my usual tricks by searching the baby naming book and going through a list of everyone, and I mean everyone that I know, have met or ever dreamt about. Nothing. I know something will turn up by Wednesday but hey ho, it's a small detail that's tickling a nerve - I'll let you know what I choose, when I choose.

It's very strange knowing that a project that has taken me soooo long to complete is nearly finished. I've got mixed feelings about letting it go, but I'm excited at the prosepct of beginning a fresh story with brand new characters. It's similar to attending a big party where you know absolutely no one other than the host, exciting but daunting!

Champagne is chilling - ready and waiting.
Anyway, enough  - see ya tomorrow x

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