Friday, 21 December 2012

Holidays arrive, Me before you and thank you

Evening folks - today my Christmas holiday began. The school bell rang at half twelve and after a quick staff meeting/get-to-together we were set free - for a whole two weeks. So, it starts now!

I've had a busy week but not in the areas I'd have liked. I had plans to complete a short story but that didn't happen, what with all the Christmas tasks, but I'm determined that the next two weeks are mine.

I have two short stories to write, a poetry submission to send and a novel submission to complete alongside the usual writing.

One of the short stories I plan to write is connected to a real life funny that occured last week. I won't outline it here, as that's a sure fire way of killing my muse, but it relates to a food complaint that I recently made to a supermarket. Anyway, I'll dress up the facts a little, a lot actually, then chose a suitable setting and hopefully my muse will deliver the goods in about two thousand words. This recipe has worked for me on so many occasions that I frequently jot down the mishaps of life and refer back and browse when starting a short story. In addition, I also keep a character book, in which I jot down the habits and descriptive walks/talk/mannerisms of strangers I spot in the High street. I know, I know, crazy hobby but it pays dividend when seeking the mannerisms of a new character.

This week I finished reading the beautiful book that is 'Me before you' by Jojo Moyes - ah, utterly breathtaking. I can't recommend it enough. Not only a great read but a startling education into the world of a quadriplegic man - I literally kept discussing the daily dilemas and moral issues, with hubby, as they occured in the plot. He's so intrigued that he'll probably read it now.

My next reading book is likely to be my Christmas present read - which I have dropped major hints for - so, I'll have to wait and see what Santa delivers. If I haven't been a good girl, I'll choose from the 60 or so books that patiently queue on the my 'To-read' bookcase. Yes, I know, maybe I'll ban myself from purchasing books in 2013? Nah!

So, I shall love and leave you. A huge shout out to the followers from Russia, Latvia and Israel who have clocked up a mighty number of visits this week. I am quite humbled by your attentions - thank you so much.
I shall be rejoining the Twitter brigade now that my mind is freed up from school work, search for me on @odwyer_author. Enjoy!

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