Saturday, 29 December 2012

Websites, hubby and word counts

Afternoon folks, I hope you’re enjoying the festive spirit. We enjoyed a quiet Christmas, which is what we’d ordered, so feel fully refreshed and bursting with energy for the New Year.

I’ve used my holiday time well, as I mentioned last week I have added two word counters to the info panel, as you can see both have increased.

I made a start on a new project TFN (I won’t give the game away just yet) anyway, so far so good. I’m trying to use the initial momentum to write as much as possible before the excitement of a new project wanes. Last night I found myself late for a dinner party because I just had to finish one more sentence – this I love but hubby wasn’t too chuffed at the dashing about that occurred afterwards. I’ve created the accompanying novel scrap book, scoured and selected from the baby naming book and have even managed to gain pictures for the cast of characters, as I said, so far so good.

I have finally got around to visiting two interesting websites suggested to me at a RNA Birmingham Chapter meeting back in November and Both websites offer authors a function that aids writing and self-publishing. The natural reader software enables you to listen to your typed text as a means of editing for typos or repeated words – though the free voice isn’t particularly ‘natural’ unless natural to you is a talking robot, but hey, it’s free. I’ve used the gimp software the most since downloading, which allows you to produce your own book covers. So, guess who has her very own book covers gracing her work on Amazon? Yep, me! Though, it’ll take a few days for you guys to see my art work while the Amazon bods upload the files. So, yet another achievement notched up in 2012. I have to say I did have a lot of fun simply playing with the publisher programme and it couldn’t be easier, which all helps in the game that is self-publishing.

Sharing is caring so, I do have to announce that I have ‘the coolest husband on the planet’, no seriously I do! I mentioned last time that I’d finished reading Jojo Moyes’ ‘Me before you’ well within a day or so hubby had picked it up and has been so engrossed by the plot that he is nearly finished. He agrees that the plot has got him thinking about the questions of life, death and quality time. I say, full marks to the man, he’s never had an issue showing his sensitive side – though I’ll wait to see how he copes with one of the final scenes before presenting him with the satin sash awarded to ‘best chicklit reader 2012’.

And so, another week has rolled by, the Christmas excitement has been and gone and New Year is fast approaching. I like numerous others am busy thinking up achievable resolutions that won’t cause me misery and strife – though, looking at last year’s I did a pretty good job – the only one I didn’t fulfill is the agent but hey, maybe 2013!

Remember you can always follow me on Twitter @odwyer_author… and you can check out my art work at Amazon by visiting the Kindle links on the left hand info panel. Check checking those word counters – I promise they’ll increase each visit. Enjoy!

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