Saturday, 8 December 2012

Planning, productivity and pure writing

Morning folks, it’s another bright Saturday morning in Warwickshire, England. I have a whole day of school work ahead of me so thought I’d spend time with you guys first. I’ve had a busy week writing wise having calmed from the Nano experience I’ve switched back to my novel ‘Weigh to go!’ which will hopefully be my Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme submission for 2013. I am planning to have it written, edited and proofread by April, as I don’t want a repeat of this year where I literally submitted in the final days of August.
Anyway, so far so good. Being the OCD organiser that I am, I have carried on with a couple of tricks from my Nano experience and am pleased with the outcome. I have Christmas holidays around the corner and I am planning to write my little heart out over the festive period to hit the 40,000 words by 31 December.  I might even install a little widget gadget into my blog page to show my current word count – which motivated me so much during November.

I’ve spent quite a while planning and dreaming this week which makes the writing flow so much easier. I try to share some of my techniques as it might help others. I have a notepad with the pages numbered to represent each chapter and I’ve literally written a few events and necessary content on each page. I wished I used this method for my first novel ‘Her’ but hey.

This is the part of writing that I enjoy – the pure writing of new words upon a fresh page. I’ve realised that the editing part is the hardest part for me but then comes the proofreading process which I quite enjoy.

This week I have two writers’ meeting – the Grace Dieu will be the Christmas social event where we put the writing aside for an annual quiz. The Mad Hatters’ meeting, which falls on the 12.12.12 (I love dates like that), which is a group reflection of the year that has past. I’ve written my piece and I have to say I am quite amazed by my output this year; one novel, one NaNoWriMo, the beginning of a novel, 41 poems, 5 short stories, 3 published letters, 1 RNA membership and a wonderful RNA Summer conference. That isn’t bad going for a gal that works full-time and studies too! My New Year’s resolution will be continue this productive momentum.

On that wonderful count I shall love and leave you all. Remember you can follow me on Tweeter @odwyer-author I can’t promise to follow back but I do always read the bios and follow if suitable. Enjoy!

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