Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas folks - I spent a lovely day with my hubby at home; opening presents, eating rich food and drinking a little more than is advisable. Anyway today, having tidied the presents into their new homes, I set my mind to some creative work. My first task was to send a present to Marmite. Back in October, I wrote a poem about the black stuff and everyone that heard it has said the exact same words 'you really should send that to the company' so today I have. Well, today I've printed and packaged, tomorrow I'll post when the post office opens. I wanted the poem to have a little more impact than yet another poem received by a corporate company so I've arranged the poem in a sturdy frame suggesting that it's precious, like Marmite. Anyway, for all those that have repeated the line - it's going, O.K.

Today, I've also written up a poem 'Witherley' that was swimming about my brain - a short little ditty about the church graveyard - not the happiest of topics but definitely significant at this time of year.

Tomorrow, I have been granted an entire free day so I have promised myself an entire day at my desk. Very indulgent but a welcome rest bite from the festive celebrations. I am itching to get back to my work. I have also had the stirrings of another project, which I'll call 'TFD' for now - so, my head is buzzing with the two projects - I really need to free up some space.

Finally, I've inserted two word counter widgets in the left hand panel so you and I can watch my novels grow. I used a similar widget for NaNo and found that it motivated me no end - so, fingers crossed.

TTFN - I must love and leave you, Christmas chocolates are calling my name, again.

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Follow up: I have just copied each entry from this blog and complied them into one document - an amazing acheivement of 160 pages totalling 80, 258 words!!!!!!

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