Saturday, 7 June 2014

Freedom and my summer reads

It's official, I'm free from any study work to focus on my writing. Boy, does that feel good! My first task, was to consume a bottle of champers with hubby, the second task - clean my desk for this brand new chapter in my writing career.

My aim: a published novel.

The excitement is such that I couldn't sleep past 5:17am, so I'm up at this ungodly hour on a Saturday!

My second pledge is to catch up on my reading - my time has been consumed by academic literature. I've made a start with Jo Thomas' 'The Oyster Catcher' and have a fabulous 'To-read' pile for the summer, here are my next five:

Alison May - Much about sweet nothing Sweet-Nothing
Louise Markey - Nemesis Louise-Marley-Book-Bundle
Talli Roland - No Kids Club No-Kids-Club
Trisha Ashley - Every woman for herself Every-Woman-Herself
Rebecca Chance - Bad Girls Bad-Girls

So, wishing you all a fab weekend - let the magic begin x

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