Saturday, 21 June 2014

Worcester Lit Festival, Fownes hotel and... football

Evening folks, you find me in a state of delight having had a fabulous day. Firstly, I attended Worcester Literary Festival meeting up with RNA members: Morton Gray, Janice G Preston and Ellie Swoop - who are simply the best gals! Secondly, I attended the author panel consisting of Christine Courtenay, Liz Harris and Sue Moorcroft led by Alison May - what a delight to hear such experienced authors discuss their careers, reviews and writing process. After the Q&A panel the ladies sat and chatted which was such a lovely touch - RNA bods are truly the nicest people! This world would be a better place if the RNA folks made the rules.

Having filled my boots with lovely RNA babes, I left to be thoroughly spoilt in the Fownes hotel - a hotel with a central location but truly a gem. I have spent the last four hours receiving excellent service, beautiful food (the mussels are to die for), attentive staff who are a delight to speak to, in the most pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. What more could a girl want on a Saturday? Nothing!

So, the only shadow, on what has been a top class weekend is.... the football. England are coming home, Lord knows where you've been hiding if that is news. But hey ho, wherever there is sunshine some shadow must fall.

Enjoy the sunshine, I'll chat next week x

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