Saturday, 22 March 2014

De-stressed, happy and writing

Morning folks, how the devil are you? Me? I'm on cloud nine. I've had a corker of a week: day job was great, writing week was fab, saxophone playing was surprising and writing group was expressive. What more could a gal ask for? In addition, to all this fabulous positiveness (is that even a word!) my house sale was completed yesterday so my 'plate' is currently lighter as I've off loaded one huge item. Good week, hey?

Wednesday night, I attended my writing meeting Mad Hatters, were I actually read. I've given up trying to take novel chapters in for feedback because remarks on a work-in-progress isn't healthy for my creativity. I learnt that with my first novel 'Her' - so vowed never to do it again. The group is flagging, almost dying to be fair, so to give a boost to Janis, who regularly brings work, I took in a flash fiction piece. They loved it, bless 'em. It made such a difference to the discussion, and thankfully a third person Gina, had bought a poem so we ended up having a lovely evening.

Tonight, I'm attending a friend's AmDram performance of 'Shakers' in Nuneaton, Warwickshire - which will be a great giggle as the play contains lots of saucy humour.

So, the plan Stan: I have just 10 days remaining before my deadline looms. I have much polishing to do before this draft is ready, but it will be done. I have two entire days this weekend to dedicate and write. So, it's BOSFOK for me, for the majority of the weekend, give or take a Costa break.

Catch you later x

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