Monday, 31 March 2014

Deadline 31 March - yay!

Hi folks, I've been quiet, haven't I? I am literally on the last few hours of polishing my RNA NWS manuscript ready to post tomorrow. Just as I vowed. Has it been easy? Hell no! I literally haven 't done anything else other than writing work in order to meet this deadline. My back is hurting, I'm tired and to be honest exhausted by the routine I've stuck too. But I've managed it. Phew!

Now what? Well after tomorrow, which by the way is my birthday, I shall have a few days off before I begin to plan the next idea that is queuing in my head. Crazy aren 't we? Yep. But while I am enjoying myself musing my RNA NWS manuscript will be winging its way to a reader, who in time will produce a feedback report just for me. I can't wait.

So, bye bye for now, I'll be back tomorrow - albeit a year older... and wiser.

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