Saturday, 1 March 2014

Poetry comp, blog tour and MaNoWriMo

Good morning folks.... Let's get straight to the point. Warning: this next month may get messy.
I have 31 days to complete my novel! 31 days in which to rewrite, edit, smile, ponder and yes, possibly weep over my efforts until I wave goodbye at the post office. If I hit desperate, please bring me hot tea, rub my back and whisper 'You can do this' - until I return to my desk.

I've returned to the day job - confirmed by my silence on Tweeter. It has been interesting getting back to normality 5:30am alarm clock and 9pm writing sessions - with a whole list of tasks in between. But hey, that's my life.

I attended my Grace Dieu writers' group on Thursday, a quiet meeting with just five of us but a noisy fun-filled one thanks to a forth coming event 'sex night' where we each have to write a badly written sex scene. I'll let you know nearer the time.

On Monday I shall be posting my contribution to a blog tour called 'My Writing Process' which highlights aspiring writers and their current work-in-progress. This week the spot light is on my good writing buddy Bella Osborne, who I met through the RNA - please take a look at her contribution at

And so to today, I shall be hibernating in my writing room with a steady flow of tea at my left elbow. My first job of the day is to read each entry in a children's poetry competition, the theme is 'childhood memories'. My plan is to wheedle the entries down over the weekend as I need to choose just five.

Between the poetry reading I shall be writing. I have a free weekend so need to make the most of it, let's face it from today until 31st I am participating in my own personal MaNoWriMo (March novel writing month) - so let it commence!

Catch you later x

Follow up: Day one of MaNoWriMo done and dusted 1807 words - yay!

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