Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mother of all weeks

Morning folks, I'm back. I've been very quiet all week due to lack of time, and very little humour. Seriously, I've arrived home late, written like a robot and slept very badly. Plus, finalized the contract for a house sale - so solicitors and estate agents dealings squeezed into every free gap. My creativity and humour have been squeezed as a result.

But, what have I learnt? That I have an endless supply of stamina, a fabulous hubby who orders me to write when I look like slacking on my 1700 word challenge and that 4am is a beautiful time of day!

Amidst all the work/writing I still attended my writers' meeting even though my sleep deprived body wished to cancel.

Finally, my week closed on Saturday, I spent the day at uni studying Madame Bovary, The Woman in white and A Portrait of a Lady - and plenty of student chat. Quite an achievement!

And so, to this week. I'll continue my MaNoWriMo challenge (just two weeks to go), attend my writers' meeting on Wednesday and.... my new saxophone arrives. Woohoo!

Catch you later x

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