Saturday, 8 March 2014

MaNoWriMo, carrot cake and nerdiness

Morning folks, you find me pondering the plot of a short story for my Thursday's Grace Dieu meeting. An in-house exercise that we set every second month, and one which usually stretches our talents beyond our comfort zones. Anyway, I had a flash of inspiration late last night and have woken with a gem of an idea. Funny how the mind works overtime whilst I sleep, if only it could encourage the ironing fairy to visit in the same manner!

My MaNoWriMo challenge is continuing nicely - I've managed a minimum of 1700 each day, though Wednesday was tough as I didn't sit at my desk until 10:45pm!!! Shocker of a busy day: day job, parents' evening and then Mad Hatters' writing group... and finally home, to write! Anyway, you'll have seen my word count rise from 44,000 into the 60,000 over the past week, which motivates me no end. If you read my blog tour entry, you'll appreciate my nerdiness regards word counts. Is nerdiness even a word? Oh well, it is now!

Plans for today, I've had a great start by consuming carrot cake for breakfast - it seemed a good idea at the time, but now I want more (which isn't good news). I have kept the day free to hibernate in my writing room and write. Simple.

Please check out Morton Gray's contribution to the blog tour 'My Writing Process' which will appear on Monday morning at

I'll catch you later x

Follow up: I had a fabulous day yesterday. I managed to writer 3274 words on my RNA NWS submission and... I bought a saxophone inbetween writing sessions! I already play the flute and violin  so I'm hoping the transition onto a sax is pretty smooth. Creative in all areas which I believe helps to stimulate my writing.

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