Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Minus 10,000ish words

Good morning, another early start for me. Yesterday was better than expected, I managed to write three new chapters but I killed off a character! Yes, you read that correctly, I erased her from the novel which meant removing just under10,000 words. A hefty chunk indeed. I removed her because she was surplus to requirement and another character could perform the essentials that she had. So be gone! Which has culled my word count back down to 46,751.

I submitted my entry to the Bath Novel Competition - I love on-line comps they save you time, postage and printer ink. Closing date isn't until 28th Feb but I like to be early.

Today, I'll be preparing my entry for a second novel competition, fingers crossed the postie brings the purchased magazine with the entry slip. After which, I'll return to my slimline novel to write a few more chapters.

I have a writers' meeting this evening, do hopefully lots if book talk and news.

Catch you later x

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