Thursday, 20 February 2014

Writers' meetings and submissions

Morning folks, another early start for me; I must make the most of my holiday week. A second blessing today is an empty house, home alone, which always boosts my productivity. The focus for today is my RNA NWS submission... just 39 days to go!

Last night I attended the Mad Hatters' writers group, not the best of nights to be fair, some the members couldn't make it so just three of us attended. We sat waiting till eight thirty to start in case others joined, but they didn't. This is the thing with groups, there seems to be a healthy period that eventually slacks to it almost dying. That's how last night felt. It would be a shame if the group went under. Not everyone in our group wants to be published, some are content reading their work for our feedback and their own sense of achievement - others, like me, are chasing the publishing contract. So, should anyone in the local area of postcode CV9 be interested in joining, please give me a shout - you are very welcome to join.

I'm watching out for two things today. Firstly, the postie needs to deliver a magazine that contains a coupon for a novel competition. The submission and accompanying paperwork is here, ready and waiting. Secondly, and just as importantly, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a first glance at Helen Phifer's new book cover, published by Carina. I'll retweet as soon as I see it.

So, I'll love you and leave you for now x

Follow up: Yay, Postie has been. Submission is complete and hubby has nipped it to the post office for me.

By lunchtime I had edited 12,690 words which is a new all time best for me - though, my back is now killing me but yay! After lunch, I then settled to mark a set of class books before heading to my study table to start an essay comparing Zola and Hardy! I'd like to get back to my writing desk asap, to be honest.

Catch you later x

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