Sunday, 9 February 2014

RNA Chapter, Zola and Hardy

Morning folks, I hope you are happy and healthy. I find myself awake at a ridiculously early hour due to weather outside waking me. So, I've chosen to spend it with you.

Last week was an excellent one for me - I managed lots if novel writing, planning and a tad more research. It's all going in the right direction taking me steps nearer to my 31 March goal. Why then? Well, based on previous experience, if I send my RNA NWS submission off then, it'll be back within the month which will allow me some free time over Easter to do other things. I'll then have May and June to address any niggles raised by the reader - before starting July with a list of agents and publishers addresses and a pile of submissions. Sounds like a plan to me. Oh, and not forgetting I'll have six weeks holidays following that in which I can turn my attention to another project. So, 31st March deadline.

Yesterday I attended the RNA Birmingham Chapter meeting, we gather every three months to chat about our writing. It is always an interesting mix of authors who attend, published and aspiring. Yesterday was no exception; Alison May, Bella Osbourn, Sally Jenkins, Marilyn Rodwell, Neneh Gordan amongst others. In two hours we crammed in writers' chat, front cover viewings and agent celebrations. As part of the RNA we have a workshop booked for Saturday, 5th April - so only a few weeks until our next meeting.

I was a busy bee yesterday, before attending the RNA chapter meeting I had a two hour uni lecture comparing the novels of Emile Zola and Thomas Hardy - boy, did the discussion get a little heavy! Interesting but intense views. Following which, I now have an essay to write before 27 February. I may even start it today, while details and opinions are fresh in my head.

For today, a much deserved writing day. So, I'll love and leave you while I attend my writing desk. Remember you can follow my progress on Twitter @odwyer_author or facebook odwyer_author. Enjoy!

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