Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Why I write...

Morning folks, I'm up bright and early ready for a full day at my desk. Yesterday was slightly wierd as I spent the morning at the day job, even though I'm on holiday, then had a frantic search for a lost entry form but I ended the day on a high note by finding a new title for my current novel. Yay!

My writing buddy Helen Phifer launched her new blog yesterday, please take a peek at www.helenphiferblog.wordpress.com - her piece 'Insprations' caused me to reflect upon why I write. I suppose the truth is, I write for numerous reasons. As a child I began reading at a very young age, before attending school and so discovered my love of books. My father used to take me for weekly visits to the library on Saturday mornings which reinforced my book habit, he too was an avid reader. My second love was Lego, which is great for bringing on imagination and creativity - so I suppose looking back the two complimented each other.

I was a solitary child, preferring my own company to any one else's, quite difficult really when other children want to be surrounded by friends. As I grew up, there were many periods when I retreated into my fictional world as an escape from reality, which over time developed into me trying to create feasible characters and plot lines. I think my traits as a nosey Parker helps immensely, as does my love of people watching. In hindsight, I feel my life was always destined to be that of a writer, it's what I'm happiest doing, with me 24/7 and ideas seem to flood my mind - pity my fingers can't capture them so fast!

So, on to today. I need a fresh cuppa, I know that, but afterwards I'll be focusing my my RNA NWS submission.

Catch you later x

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